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Fast Food Columns:

Reality Check: Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt June 16, 2011
Chain Reaction: Papa John’s Sausage Sensation June 8, 2011
Reality Check: White Castle’s Bacon Sliders June 3, 2011
Cheap Buzz: Dave and Buster’s June 3, 2011
Reality Check: Hardee’s Turkey Burgers May 25, 2011
New at Roy Rogers: The Spicy Chicken Sandwich May 13, 2011
Cheap Buzz: Buffalo Wild Wings May 13, 2011
Double Down Showdown: KFC’s New Doublicious July 8, 2010
Iced Coffee Roundup: McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Dunkin’ Donuts June 28, 2010
Quiznos vs. Subway: Toasted Sub Showdown June 21, 2010
Boston Market’s New $3.99 Sliders: Are They Any Good? June 14, 2010
Fast Food Dessert Battle: Wendy’s Twisted Frosty vs. McFlurry vs. BK Sundae Shake June 7, 2010
Reality Check: Burger King’s ‘Fire-Grilled Ribs’ June 3, 2010
Reality Check: The Iron Man Whiplash Whopper at Burger King April 30, 2010
Big Burger Showdown: The McDonald’s Angus vs. Burger King’s XT April 19, 2010
The Mac Snack Wrap, Big Mac in a Tortilla February 19, 2010